Registration Form for Confirmation

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  • Please enter the confirmation candidate's full name.
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  • Baptismal Certificate

    We need a copy of your teen's baptismal certificate. If your teen was baptized at CCSFX, this does not apply. Please mail the copy of the certificate to: Joan Carlson, c/o CCSFX, PO Box 407, 13717 Cuba Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21030
  • Sponsor Information

    Sponsor must be at least 16 years old, a practicing Catholic and not the mother or father of the candidate.
  • Retreat Fee

    Covers retreat materials and program.
    CCSFX Members - $175
    Outside of Parish - $325

    Mail check to:
    CCSFX - Attn: Joan Carlson
    P.O. Box 407 - 13717 Cuba Road
    Hunt Valley, MD 21030
    or pay online