Growing to know and love Christ is a lifelong journey no one can walk alone. When we open ourselves to grow in faith, we become better able to lead others, especially our children, to an understanding of the love Christ has for us. Read the booklet below to learn more about programs and ways to prepare for the sacraments.

Faith Formation Program Booklet

Register for Faith Formation

Parents, faith formation begins with you. If you believe Jesus is our savior and receive him in the Eucharist, if you have felt the power of the Holy Spirit moving in your life, then you have faith and need to nurture it and pass it on. You are the absolute best people to teach your child about God. You provide living witness to the Gospel by how you care for your family, how you work, how you help others, how you worship, and how you pray.

Mass attendance is key, for it is here that we reconnect with God; are reminded of what we believe; are fed by Jesus in the Eucharist, and are supported by others in faith.