To help you share belief in God with your child, parish families with children in Grades 1-5, are encouraged to call Pat Allshouse at 410-785-0356 x717 for materials and resources to help in an ongoing study about God and our faith. We offer the following programs:

Home Study – Grades 1-5
Each family studies the provided materials at home. As parents study and pray alongside their child, they experience renewed commitment to belief in Jesus Christ. Key to success is a commitment to establishing study time as sacred time.

Group Study – Grades 1-5
Families form together to study in small groups with other families – friends, neighbors, or schoolmates. Gathering in a home, parents and children study the lessons together. Forming a study group can provide a more rewarding faith experience.

Sunday Study – Grades 1-5
Families who like the idea of studying with others, but are unsure about coordinating their own family group join monthly sessions are held on Sunday mornings (10:45-11:45 a.m. in the parish hall,) October through March. At each session, parents and children complete one of the lessons in the home study packet. In between sessions, additional lessons are completed at home.

Monday Study – Grades 1-5
Graded groups led by a catechist meet on Monday afternoons (from 4:45-5:45 pm), September through April, in the lower level of our Church using the same materials as those who study at home. Parental involvement and a commitment to attending on Monday afternoons for religious study are important.