Dear Parishioners:

A mold Assessment Specialist was called in to test our building and confirmed there is a problem throughout the entire building caused by higher than normal humidity. We are currently working with an Archdiocesan representative, our HVAC contractor, and a mold remediation company to resolve the humidity issue and restore the building. We have been advised that:

“Individuals such as infants (less than 12 months old), persons recovering from recent surgery, immune suppressed people, people with chronic inflammatory lung diseases (e.g., asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis), anyone with other pre-existing health problems or anyone that has a known hypersensitivity to various allergens should not be exposed to areas with elevated mold spore levels.”

As a result, all weekend Masses will be held outside on the patio, under a tent. Dress comfortably. The upper level of the Church will be open for use of the bathrooms.

Until this issue is resolved, the lower level of the Church will be closed off to all meetings and traffic. The LOWER ENTRANCE to the Church will remain locked. Only use entrances on the upper level.

The Parish Staff and I thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued support. We ask for your prayers during this time of inconvenience. The good news is, it can be resolved.

In Christ’s Love,
Fr. Frank