Since 1990, our community has operated from a clear philosophy of giving, one which flows naturally from our Philosophy of Governance. When you join our parish community you become an “owner,” you belong. St. Francis Xavier does not exist to provide services as needed. We exist as a community to help each other grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our Mission Statement directs our work.

As “owners,” community members have the responsibility and the opportunity to give of themselves according to each one’s gifts and abilities in three areas: Time, Talent, and Treasure. There are many opportunities to share one’s time and talent both within and outside this community, for example, in the multiple ministries encompassed by the Liturgy Committee and in the various programs and projects conducted by the other parish committees. In the sharing of ourselves we go beyond “ownership” to active participation in the service of Christ to our sisters and brothers.
We cannot do God’s work without financial support.

All parish general operating expenses are paid from offertory income. We do not charge for religious education or sacramental preparation; nor do we have second collections. On occasion, we will engage in “dedicated fund raising” events to financially support projects and causes not covered or envisioned in the ordinary parish operating expense budget. We count on our members to meet our approved offertory income budget in order to accomplish our central mission. Our expenses grow due to inflation and mandated increases. Our Finance Committee monitors all expenses carefully, but we need everyone to take a proprietary interest in the financial health of our community.

To carry on our mission, we ask all members to determine in advance the level of financial support they will provide in the coming fiscal year. It is hoped that members will consider giving to “God First” when they pay their monthly bills. If each member gives according to his/her means, all can expect to receive according to need.

Contributions can be made weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly. We encourage members to make a monthly contribution, if possible. The majority of our contributions come in monthly. Signing up for Faith Direct makes this easy for you and for our parish office.

The best solution for giving of our treasure is for every owner to make a defined financial commitment by signing up for Faith Direct or by writing a monthly check. This is the only way a faith community can operate in a financially secure fashion. For more information or to sign-up for Faith Direct CLICK HERE.

[Revised February 2015]